b sq. Design Studio invited back to Japan in 2014

b sq. Design Studio has accepted the invitation to return to Nagasaki Japan in September 2014 to compete once again in the Gardening World Cup. The first ever Gardening World Cup competition took place in October 2010 in Nagasaki, which lies in the south east of the Japanese island of Kyushu. Nagasaki is the home of Japan’s leading garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara who is also Chelsea show garden gold medalist. Kazuyuki conceived the competition’s theme of gardening for world peace, bringing together countries from across the globe. 

b sq. Design was honoured to participate in the inaugural Gardening World Cup in 2010 where their effort for a show garden won a Gold medal for Canada.

Construction in Japan begins Spetember 22nd and final Judging will be on October 4th. 2014!

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