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Robert Boltman, O.A.L.A. (Right) and Alex Bartlett, O.A.L.A. (Left) possess over 20 years experience working within the field of Landscape Architecture + Construction providing services in design, construction and project management.

bsq Landscape Architects combines their mutual experience in residential and urban design with a shared desire to improve, transform and enhance city gardens, urban spaces, rooftops, building facades and other open spaces.

We believe that good landscape design and experienced construction management can do much to maximize the potential of a space while creating beautiful, elegant gardens and green spaces. A well thought out landscape design offers many opportunities for cost savings during the construction process and many chances to improve, define and make the best use of neglected or underutilized spaces.

We have the experience and ability to design and construct award winning landscapes that can have either a timeless elegance or offer strong, clean modern lines. We are able to build or coordinate all aspects of landscape construction from natural stone work and paving, planting, woodwork and fine carpentry, grading, retaining walls and other structures to landscape irrigation and lighting